Get active to burn those calories

A simple guide to help you think about getting active
Activity and your favourite foods

You’ll probably be quite surprised to realise just how long it takes to burn off the all the calories you take in when you eat your favourite foods.

Many convenience foods and snacks we all love to eat are packed full of calories. Look at the pictures below to find out how much activity you would need to do to burn them off.

One quarter-pounder with cheese
516 calories = Light gardening for
1 hr and 50 minutes


gardening (2)
One packet of ready salted crisps
183 calories = Washing the car for
34 minute

washcar (1)
One milk chocolate bar
250 calories = Vacuuming for
47 minutes


hoover_0 (1)
Two egg mayo & salad sandwiches
550 calories = Walking briskly for
1 hr & 40 minutes

One can of cola
142 calories = Cycling for
24 minutes

Chicken tikka masala & rice
611 calories (rice = 180) = Swimming for
1 hr & 26 minutes

Large portion of chips
655 calories = Pushing a supermarket trolley for
2 hr & 42 m

Created 20/11/13

Review date 20/11/16


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