Grow your 5 a day during winter

To be grown outside over winter you cant go wrong with the following: Winter Purslane, Salad Burnett, Land Cress, Kale. Be aware pigeons will feed on your winter crops so ensure to cover them with gardening fleece.

Chelsea festival 2013

We took part in the Chelsea Festival in June 2013. Our theme was Raw and More.

Spring in your step

Help us help others. Lets get people interested in growing their own and enhancing their neighbourhood.

Bee interested in Portobello Road cook road food

            APRIL 19TH DEMONSTRATION STALL RECIPES               Beetroot and Horseradish Soup   Prep: 5 minutes Cooking time 45 minutes Serves 4   1 onion 1 tbs vegetable oil 3 cloves of garlic 750g fresh beetroot 500ml vegetable stock 3tbs cream of horseradish sauce 1tbs cranberry sauce (optional) Parsley to dress   1 Finely dice the onion […]

We now make vegan cupcakes

Philip one or our apprentices made these delightful vegan cupcakes today Chocolate with vegan frosting.  We dropped them off t Lowry and Baker for Katy (of Lowry and Baker)  to check out. Fingers crossed that she likes them!!

Planting and protecting our new season salads

We propagated salad from seed over the winter and now here we are planting it out in our main raised  bed. Even gave them a little protection!!